Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pear OS dies on the vine, but not for long

Yesterday afternoon, David Tavares (creator of the Pear OS distro) announced he halting development of the OS. From a statement he has released, it appears that Tavares came to an agreement with an unnamed company to hand the distro over to them. Whether money was involved or how much is unknown at this time. The full statement can be found at the end of this post.

Pear OS´ main claim to fame is that it brings the look and feel of Mac OS and iOS to Linux. While other Linux distros, such as Ubuntu, can have the mac OS look and feel it required the installation of multiple themes and applications. Pear OS was one of the few distros that delivered it in one package. Another such distro is elementary OS.

Tavares´ announcement has been met by much outcry and anger. People have suggested that Tavares was pressured by Apple who did not like someone copying their look and feel. Others suggested that Tavares was just creating an excuse to end development. Almost everyone seems to fear that this news means the end of Pear OS in much the same way that Palm bought BeOS only to close down the project.

Several people responded to the announcement by calling for a fork to be created to keep the project alive. Pear OS user Brenden Gonzalez has already begun efforts to create a fork of pear OS, which will be based on Ubuntu 13.04 until 14.04 becomes available. If you are interested in giving Brenden a hand, drop him an email.

Below is the official statement on the Pear OS website.

Pear OS and Pear Cloud are no longer available for download.
 Its future is now in hands of a company who wants to remain anonymous for the moment. The concept has pleased them it and now wants to continue and improve the system for their own products. I can not give a name but it is a very large company well known ...
 I want to thank all users, moderators and other developers who have made Pear OS it is today, that without this adventure would not have been possible.
 I'm going in another direction.
 Pear Cloud users must recover their files on Pear Cloud servers. In 10 days, the files will be deleted and the server will be offline. 
 Another big thank you to all and I hope to return to the scene of open source very quickly.

We will continue to report on this story as more information comes in.

Update: You can check out the new Clementine OS here.